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Em Takes A shot At Drew Brees On Kid Cudi Track

Eminem just took a shot at Drew Brees.

Em and Kid Cudi just dropped "The Adventures Of Moon Man & Slim Shady." Mr. Mathers come in at about 1:50 into the track:

"I had hoop dreams, now I shoot 3s.

Got a lil' green, but I don't do weed.

Purp nor lean, that's Tunechi.

That's New Orleans, F*** Drew Brees."

Brees took heat for his stance on the national anthem and NFL protesters. He later apologized and said he didn't really understand what Colin Kaepernick's protest was about.

Em also took a shot at politicians.

"Bunch of half-wits up in office.

Half of us walkin' around like a zombie apocalypse.

Other half are just pissed off and don't wanna wear a mask.

And, they're just scoffin'.

And, that's how you end catchin' the s**t off 'em.

I just used the same basket as you shoppin'.

Now I'm in a f**kin' casket from you coughing."

Eminem has made huge donations to COVID relief efforts in Michigan and has helped raise millions for coronavirus relief funds.

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