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Dave Chapelle Puts Don Lemon On Blast!

Dave Chappelle takes on Don Lemon's call for celebs to speak out on the death of George Floyd. Chapelle tears into the CNN anchor on a surprise special.

Netflix released the special on its YouTube comedy channel. Dave addresses Floyd's killing by police and the ensuing protests to end racism and police brutality.

Chappelle blasted Lemon for urging celebrities to use their platforms to talk about Floyd saying people don't need or want to hear from celebs right now. He added the streets are speaking for themselves, and he isn't getting in the way of that.

The special is titled "8:46".

The surprise stand-up special was filmed in Beavercreek, Ohio, in front of a masked, socially-distanced audience.

Don has seen it and is not pissed off.

Lemon says he's honored to be mentioned by his favorite comedian, but also concedes Dave's point. A lot of people don't care about celebrities' opinions.

Don still thinks it's important for people like Dave and himself to use their large audience to spread that message.

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