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Russ & Schoolboy Q Repair Businesses Damaged By Protests

ScHoolboy Q and Russ helped black-owned small businesses damaged during riots.

Derrick Hayes, owner of Dave’s Cheesesteaks, revealed the two donated money to help him rebuild the restaurant after it was damaged.

“Thank you @Russ for donating 20k to help reopen & help cover employee wages, while we are closed,” Hayes wrote in an Instagram post. “I appreciate you calling me and giving me words of encouragement. My deepest appreciation @groovyq, for donating another 10k to make sure we are able to support ourselves in the upcoming months. Appreciate you @karenCivil for help facilitating and making this happen for us! RIP #georgefloyd.”

Hayes shared a video from inside his businesss and expressed his disappointment despite it being black-owned.

“Ayo it’s a real sad day in Atlanta,” he says in the clip. “I’m black-owned, I actually help the community. I give a lot of money out. Like even during the pandemic, I gave out over $20,000 just helping hospitals and then they come back and break all my windows.”

Russ also donated to Los Angeles-based Apt 4B Concept Shop after people broke open their gate and looted the store.

“Words can’t express how thankful we are to @russ for reaching out with words of encouragement and a more than generous donation of $25K to help us rebuild the @apt4bconceptshop,” the store’s owners wrote in a post on Tuesday (June 2). “Where we come from, something like this does not go unrecognized or forgotten.”

Russ raised over $150,000 to donate to Black Lives Matter over the weekend after selling a shirt that read, “If You Want To Change The System Speak Up White Silence Is Pro Racism.” The shirt is available on his website and every dollar will go to BLM.

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