Flo Rida's Mobile Testing Center Puts People Back To Work

Flo Rida's and his personal doctor prepare to get COVID-19 testing ramped up.

Along with his doctor and business partner, Dr. George Tabi Flo Rida has launched a $1.5 million healthcare venture called the Asktabs Mobile Wellness Center. The goal is getting healthy people back to work on the heels of the state reopening its economy.

That requires a lot of coronavirus testing, and Flo's mobile site has the ability to test up to 1,500 patients per day with a staff of 14 people.

The mobile center had its first test last week for The Metro Wrapz company in Miami, where 30 employees got tested.

The mobile site is available for anyone, but the main focus is providing testing for businesses so workers can get their jobs back.

This duo previously launched an immune-boosting daily vitamin gummy that's CBD infused, called Jet Setter.

Photos by Getty Images