NAACP Gets Boost After Arbery Killing

The Ahmaud Arbery murder has galvanized the country to fight for social justice by sending money to the NAACP.

$100,000 in donations were recieved by the NAACP the week after the murder video surfaced. The organization will divide the money between the Georgia NAACP and Ahmaud's family. The donations will help the NAACP put boots on the ground in Brunswick to help rebuild and unite the community.

People across Georgia are also becoming more active in the fight for justice. The Georgia NAACP has seen an influx in members since Ahmaud was killed. People are reaching out to the Georgia NAACP with the aim of having a presence in their communities after seeing what happened to Ahmaud.

In Brunswick, NAACP members are meeting with the Sheriff's department to make sure there is not a lasting feeling of mistrust within the community, and organizers are helping plan gatherings and rallies.

Photos by Getty Images