Athletes Have Come Out In Support Of Ahmaud Arbery

Tom Brady is showing support for Ahmaud Arbery signing a letter from the NFL Players Coalition to Attorney General William Barr, demanding a federal investigation into the shooting.

Other NFL stars have also signed including Julian Edelman, Warrick Dunn, Cam Jordan, Mark Ingram, Stephon Gilmore, Shaun Alexander and more.

Even NBA coach Steve Kerr signed the letter which reads--

"The local investigation into this case is marred by conflicts, inaction, [the second assigned prosecutor’s] very deliberate attempt to ensure that Mr. Arbery received no justice, and the current prosecutor’s total failure to act until social media forced his hand."

"The local police force can never be independent, as the elder-McMichael used to work there. And [the second assigned prosecutor’s] statements about the case surely have tainted the local jury pool. If people are to have faith in the justice system, the Department of Justice must act with the FBI leading the investigation."

NFL star Malcolm Jenkins is doing his part by going on a jog to show support for Maud's family.

"Happy birthday to Ahmaud Arbery," Jenkins said while out on a 2.23-mile jog ... "Rest in peace, King."

The workout is part of the #RunWithMaud movement, which is encouraging people to go on a jog to honor Maud.

Ex-NFL wideout Torrey Smith also participated in the run -- saying, "I hate distance running but I hate our justice system and racism more."

Photos by Getty Images