Tupac Lives!!!

Tupac is alive!

He's living in Kentucky! And he needs a job.

A Kentucky resident who reported his name as Tupak Shakur was accused by Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear of fraud.

The Governor called out Pac saying someone applied for unemployment under the name Tupac Shakur. Beshear scolded the man for playing s prank and holding up people's money except that is the man's name.

Kentucky's Tupac is a 46-year-old Lexington resident who lost his restaurant job due to the pandemic. Tupac, who prefers to use his middle name, Malik, says he was hurt, embarrassed and shocked by the Governor's comments.

Beshear upon learning the truth called Shakur to apologize and Pac forgave him.

He understands Beshear's dealing with a lot and mistakes happen, but Pac says he's still waiting on a check, and it's been over a month since he filed.

Shakur legally changed his name, and says people get a kick out of it and think it's cool but it's holding up an unemployment check.

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