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Diddy Supports Kanye's War With Adidas!

Diddy is now showing his support for Kanye West's dispute with adidas and has called for a protest.

Diddy has called for a nationwide boycott against adidas.

“Since the era of Run-DMC, @Adidas has always used Hip Hop to build its brand and make billions off of our culture,” Diddy wrote on Instagram. “BUT WE ARE MORE THAN JUST CONSUMERS NOW, WE’RE THE OWNERS. @KanyeWest and YEEZY are the reason Adidas is relevant to culture. WE KNOW OUR VALUE! I’m done wearing Adidas products until they make this right!! We have to support each other!! Everybody repost this please!!”

Irv Gotti joined in calls to protest adidas, and posted the same photo along with his own message.

“I’m also in full support of my brother @kanyewest the man has made @adidas Billions,” Gotti wrote. “We never thought any sneaker company could compete with Jordan’s. And Ye did with Yeezy’s. For them to do anything he don’t like is CRAZY!!! We all with you YE!!!! Love Brother.”

T.I., Timbaland, Consequence, The Game, and A$AP Nast are also joining.

Kanye West's battle with Adidas, saw Ye attacking Senior Vice President/General Manager Daniel Cherry III online over releasing product and his choice of headwear. On Instagram, Ye revealed Adidas attempted to sever ties with him and offered a one billion dollar payout,

“The fact [adidas] felt they could color my shoes and name them without my approval is really wild,” Ye wrote. “I really care about building something that changes the world and something I can leave to my kids. They tried to buy me out for 1 billion dollars. My royalties next year are 500 million dollars alone.”

Swizz Beatz, called for the public to ban together with Kanye West and boycott Adidas.

“I usually mind my business but this is DEAD WRONG! If we let them do this to @kanyewest it will happen to us also! This man created this groundbreaking innovation and it should be respected as a creative ! YE is only asking for his work to be respected and not stolen that’s not crazy to me !! We not buying these !!!!!!!!!!!! @adidas you’re supposed to be original do the correct thing please !!!”

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