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Bennahhunnaa Shot By His Ex

Rapper Bennahhunnaa has been Shot By His Girlfriend.

During an Instagram Live session, a woman who’s been identified as his girlfriend appeared to shoot him when he refused to leave her apartment.

In the livestream, the woman is shown with a gun during the argument. She repeatedly tells Bennahhunnaa to stop recording her and leave her home.

Despite the weapon’s presence, Bennahhunnaa antagonized her.

“You ain’t gon’ do shit,” he says. “You’re not gon’ pull. You not bitch enough to do it.”

Bennahhunnaa then tells her, “You ain’t no gangsta. Betcha I’ll slap the piss out you.”

He then, appears to make a move towards her and a gunshot is heard.

“This girl just shot me!” he screams.

After fumbling the phone following the shooting, the screen goes to black.

Bennahhunnaa would address the incident on Instagram.

“If you takin up for tht hoe get off my page,” he wrote. “Nigga wanna speak on shyt don’t even kno the whole story.”

Photos by Getty Images

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