A Suit VS Nicki Minaj May Set Historic Precedence.

Nicki Minaj is Missing!

At least to Splash News and Picture Agency, a photo agency that's trying to take the rapper to court. The agency is fighting Minaj for using a picture they captured, for her Instagram page without getting the proper authorization. They are accusing her of making money off of their copyrighted work.

The Problem is they are having trouble trying to find Nicki. Their solution, Instagram. Splash is requesting that the judge give them permission to serve the legal papers BY Instagram. It's been nearly a year since they tried serving Minaj papers, so they're trying to get in contact with her by any means necessary.

Nicki's made it difficult for them and process servers that have been hired to find Nicki's home address. When they did, Nicki's bodyguards did their job and prevented them from going near her.

Splash in their suit have stated "that it will be impossible to serve defendant directly because (a) in public she is accompanied by a team of bodyguards, (b) a current resident address in Los Angeles is difficult to confirm, and (c) the resident addresses in Los Angeles that are associated with her are gated communities and therefore inaccessible," .

If Splash get this approved, then it will set a very interesting precedence in how papers can get served and the use of social media in court proceedings.

Photo by Getty Images