Cardi B Wins Lawsuit Against Her Former Manager

Cardi B has reached a $30 million settlement in her lawsuit with former manager, Klenord “Shaft” Raphael of World Star Marketing Group.

Raphael filed a $10 million breach of contract lawsuit, claiming that Cardi backed out of an agreement to sign with the company and instead went with Quality Control Management.

“According to my lawyers a little but more then that but it can’t be touch till my litigation is over,” Cardi wrote in a tweet. “Its just can’t be touch till we solve the dispute. But when that fat ass check hit my account all at once it’s gonna be lit. That's why I never trip cause it’s there.”

Cardi shared that she has a new album on the way.

"I’m workin on it ...I promise I won’t hold ya up for long. Maynr I’m February imma fly ten fans to hear it ....If Covid still ain’t hating."

Photos by Getty Images