Fetty Wap Sued For $1.1 Million.

With all the things shutting down nowadays it's a wonder how all these lawsuits are getting filed. Fetty Wap is now the latest rapper to get hit with a legal debt as Shawna Morgan is suing Fetty for $1.1 Million for defamation and breach of contract.

Now follow along cause there's some math here.

1- Morgan initially sued for $242,000 in touring costs. She was supposed to be paid between 5 and 10 % of Fetty’s performance profits, as she covered the up front touring expenses. A judge ruled in favor of Morgan because Fetty and his Goodfella4life Entertainment company did not respond to the suit.

2 - Fetty then responded by appealing and sending the case to arbitration claiming that she had stolen money and was double charged both Goodfella4life Entertainment and their clients. The arbiter reduced the penalty down to $160,000. But Fetty took the suit to trial.

3 - But Fetty dissatified with the result took the suit to trial where a jury then sided with Morgan and added $800,000 to the total which is now 1.1 MILLION DOLLARS (ta-da sound effect)!

Now Fetty not only has has to pay $1.1 million for defamation and breach of contract, but also has to issue retraction, post public retractions on his social media accounts and take out an ad in “prominent entertainment publications” to restore Morgan’s name.

No retraction has been made so far to date.

Photos by Getty Images.