DaBaby Plot Thickens

So let's set a timeline of events.

1. Over the weekend a video of DaBaby slapping a fan after said fan shot a selfie went virul.

2. By the beginning of the week social outrage over the incident spread like wildfire.

3. DaBaby goes online and isssues an apology for the incdent stating that he was hit by the phone and reacted agressively towars the person taking the photo which happened to be a woman.

4. The victim Tyronesha Laws is spoke out about the incident and what has happened since.

after the incident, laws contacted a lawyer then recorded a clip which she sent to TMZ stating how she fet after the incident. “I woke up and my head was hurting really, really bad and the top of my right cheekbone it was hurt and it was tender,” she said. “I did go to the hospital and I was diagnosed with a contusion.”

Laws claims that she was not the person who took the selfie. That was another fan who was next to her when DaBaby came by. Not really seeing who took the shot the rapper swung at the first person he saw. Laws said the impact of the blow sent her backwards into the person who took the photo in the first place.

Since the incident Laws has been haranged on Instagram and called out at work as the woman slapped by DaBaby. Now Laws is taking the rapper to court.

DaBaby has refuted the claim that she was not the person who took the photo that in turn hit him in the eye. Regardless this is not ending anytime soon and may be settled in court.

Photos by Getty Images