Blackson Pisses Off Tyson!

Sooo, someone on the World Wide Web thought it would be funny if they posted a meme that stated that former World Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson would be willing to pay someone 10 MILLION DOLLARS to marry his daughter Mikey Lorna Tyson. Comedian Michael Blackson thought it'd be funny to respond by sending the champ a DM.

“If this is true, I think I’m finally ready to settle down,” Blackson begins in his message. “I know I’ve been dipping n dapping a few snow bunnies and Asian persuasion but I’m ready for your beautiful queen. I’m ready to give u some grandkids that will have the complexion of Tyson Bedford, knowledge of Cicely Tyson, talk like you Mike Tyson and hopefully not built like Tyson Fury. I really don’t give a f**k about the money but I’ll take it. Waiting to hear from you father in law sir.”

Mike Tyson, who is known to have a sense of humor was not amused. He would respond in kind.

“Listen u black little b***h. This sh*t ain’t real and soon as I find the person that started that meme, imma knock them the f**k out so make sure it ain’t you burnt roach looking b**h. My daughter is happily in a relationship with a nice looking man so she’s not interested in an overcooked hotdog like you. Next time you do my podcast, imma knock the black off u, it might take a year because you black as f**k. Gtfo my dm before I get your black ass deported you geico lizard looking b***h.”

Now it is still unknown as to who started the meme in the first place, but needless to say neither Tyson nor Blackson hold him in high regard.