Kehlani Sued For Wrecking A Ferrari

Yet another Tweet war for the rapper/podcast host/hip hop critic Joe Budden. This time singer Kehlani enters the ring with beef over Budden's criticism of her YG breakup single "Valentine Day (shameful)".

Commenting about the single on The Joe Budden Podcast with Rory & Mal , Budden exclaimed he felt he was "hoodwinked" because last week he listened to Konclusions by YG (Ft. Kehlani) and heard the love between the two in the performance and now a week later Kehlani releases a song that basically calls YG a piece of S***t.

Budden was in agreement with his co-hosts in calling the track "fire" so it isn't as if he hated the song he basically made a joke as to the logic of Kehlani for making a love song one week and a dis track the next.

That brought on a response by the aforementioned Kehlani who tweeted "Joe Budden is a joke" referring to as she sees it misinformation being said about her in the episode.

Budden would later tweet that he was just joking, but then minutes later would add that he's sick of everybody loving him when he speaks kindly about a track but attacking him when he critiques it. He would wrap up the tweet with "Newsflash, i am not friends with you n*****s."

It remains to be seen what the result of this war of words will lead to, but if his track record remains true it won't be boring.

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