"Power" Reveals Four Spin-Offs Are In The Works

Did you see the series finale of ‘Power’ last night? No worries, no spoiler alerts over here, but if you’re itching for more of the New York based series, you’re in luck!

Last summer it was revealed that Power: Ghost, a spin-off starring Mary J. Blige and Method Man was in the works, but last night during the show’s final episode, three more spin-offs were revealed.

Power Book III: Raising Kanan, Power Book IV: Influence and Power Book V: Force will be joining the Power Universe. While we still don’t have many details regarding any of the spin-offs, we do have an idea about what each show will be about.

Book III: Raising Kanan seems to be a look at the upbringing and rise of villain Kanan Stark (played by 50 Cent). Book IV: Influence looks like it will be set in the political world and follow Councilman Tate. Lastly, Power Book V: Force, looks like it’s going to follow Ghost’s brother and partner-in-crime as he leaves for Los Angeles.