Lil Yachty Clears Up Rolling Loud Fighting Rumors

Lil Yachty felt the need to clear the air after a fight at Rolling Loud.

Following his performance at the Los Angeles festival, Yachty and his crew were exiting the L.A. Memorial Coliseum when they got into it with an unknown man. In the violent video, obtained by TMZ, someone in Yachty’s team is seen talking to the festivalgoer before an all-out brawl ensues.

Yachty seemingly throws the first punch before he and his team chase down the man, punching and kicking him while he’s on the floor. The man eventually gets up and flees the scene. Both parties were gone by the time security arrived.

Hours after the video surfaced which was shortly deleted where, Yachty took to Instagram to address the incident. “I felt the need to speak because clearly it’s only showing one side of the altercation,” he said before describing what happened.

He recalled the man walking in the middle of his group and pushing him as he was exiting the festival grounds. “Not tapped me, pushed me out the way—screaming, all types of stuff, being very disrespectful,” said Lil Boat.

“I’m not a problematic person. I just don’t pick fights with people,” he added. “It’s not even my thing. It’s not that deep to me.”

Check out the captured brawl below and let us know what you think in our comments.