Migos Teaming Up With Uber Eats

The Migos are teaming up to get the bag with Uber Eats and Popeyes.

After Popeyes took over the world with their chicken sandwich back in August, the fast food chain decided to keep the hype going with the rap trio.

Beginning December 6, fans across the country can hop onto Uber Eats and pick one of four Migos-themed meals, each varying in price and size.

Atlanta Magazine reports that the meals will vary but there are three meals are named after each member of Migos—Offset’s includes eight pieces of mixed bone-in chicken, a large fry, a large order of mashed potatoes with gravy, and four biscuits ($21.99). Quavo’s features two of the infamous chicken sandwiches (fitting, as the rapper jokingly posted about selling sandwiches for $1,000 each on Instagram back in August), two regular fries, a regular order of mashed potatoes with gravy, two apple pies, and two small drinks ($17.99). And Takeoff’s features five tenders, two sauces, a regular order of mashed potatoes, two biscuits, and an apple pie.

The promotion ends just after the holidays on January 2, so get them while you can.

Will you be ordering them? Let us know in the comments!