Jay-Z Reacts To Yo Gotti Losing Half A Million Dollars

Losing money sucks for anybody. I'll trip over a couple of hundred, but Yo Gotti is crying over A LOT more.

How much might you ask? A whole half a million dollars is missing from Yo Gotti's bank account this morning.

According to a video posted by DJ Akademiks, Yo Gotti and Hov were indulging in cards at Jay's Shawn Carter Charity Gala. Gotti decided to live dangerously at the Blackjack Table and made a ridiculously large bet.

Check out moment as it unfolds in real-time, as the dealer secures the win with a total of 21.

Jay's reaction is raw, even a billionaire is shocked Gotti lost that amount, letting out a stunned "Oh My Goodness" as he backs away in disbelief.

As for Yo Gotti, if you look ever-so-closely you can see the faint traces of his spirit leaving his body, and straight disappointment in his face.

Check it out below, Gotti gotta get in the booth to make up for it!