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Irv Gotti Adresses Ashanti Rumors On Wendy Williams

Irv Gotti joined Wendy Williams on her show to talk some juicy topics.

TooFab reports, The conversation was kicked off while discussing a clip from the show on Wendy last week -- Wendy and entertainment journalist Devyn Simone referred to the alleged relationship, which Ashanti has yet to confirm herself, as an affair.

"Let me tell what's really going on, it's a lot of misconceptions," said Gotti on Monday morning. After Wendy once again dropped the A-word, he shouted, "Time out! Let me interject."

"Can I talk about this, with women, and I'm gonna circle back to you Wendy," he continued. "Why is it, if a man and a woman is married and they get separated and they're totally separated ... When me and Deb separated, she caught me cheating."

He clarified that he did not get caught with Ashanti. "Ashanti is not a homewrecker, guys," he continued. "Ashanti had nothing to do with me and Deb. Deb caught me when I was directing 'I Cry' in Baltimore. Deb, being the vicious person she is, she came down unannounced, 'I'm Mrs. Lorenzo, give me the room key.' The door was latched, but she knows I'm in there. That's what broke me and Deb up."

He wouldn't tell Wendy who his ex-wife caught him with, but said that Ashanti wasn't "even in the picture" at the time. He also clarified that he was not speaking about the singer when he made comments about infidelity or a woman who was just there "to suck my [censored]" on the WE tv show.

Irv then took it upon himself to clap at Wendy since she currently is still married, but living her best l

Check out the full conversation below, let us know what you think in the comments.

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