Swizz Beats Kept Something In A Shoe Box For Years

Early in his career, Swizz Beatz had his own money issues like everyone else. He once said he survived on cheap ramen noodle, and unknowingly had a fortune sitting untouched in a shoe box.

Swizz told Angie Martinez on We TV’s “Untold Hip Hop Stories” that he mistook his royalty payments for worthless promotional material.

“I thought the checks being sent to my house was Publishing Clearing House checks,” he said. “In the hood, they’re sending you checks from everywhere. Like, every week you won a million dollars… My grandmother used to make me just save them in a shoebox. So, I had $700,000 in the shoebox. I never got royalty checks ever in my life before. Nobody told me. So I’m sitting here eating ramen noodles and I got $700,000 sitting in a shoebox?”

The full episode is set to air tonight.