Will Smith Wants To Help Fight Homelessness

Will Smith is a man that consistently does for those in need.

Most recently he is bringing light to a huge issue many face in America, homelessness.

“Think for a minute about what home means to you,” Will says in a promotional video, as seen below. “To me, home means conversation. It’s, like, the place where my family comes together and that’s the most beautiful part of home. But there are over 100 million people in the world who don’t have a place to call home.” 

HotNewHipHop reports that the sleepout will take place on December 7th where fifty thousand people are expected to sleep outside communally for "the world’s largest display of solidarity and support for homeless and displaced people." Will is joined by Chris Martin and Helen Mirren who are also advocating for support. 

Will will attend the Times Square sleepout to read everyone a bedtime story while Helen will do the same at Trafalgar Square. There's been no confirmation on whether the actors will also sleep outside but the support means everything. 

Check it out below, out below will you partake in the sleep out?

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