Chance The Rapper On SNL

Chance The Rapper pulled double duty this past weekend as he both hosted and performed SNL.

HipHopDX reports, During one of the skits Chance was Judge Barry while the colorful plaintiffs and defendants filed into the courtroom, Chance was already struggling a bit to keep a straight face but when surprise guest Jason Momoa sauntered up to the podium wearing a leopard-print coat, Chano had to cover up his mouth to conceal his smile.

It appeared to be a struggle for him to deliver his lines as Momoa stood there grinning at him. At one point, Momoa butchered his lines and started to lose it too, but they were back on track fast enough for Momoa to expose his nipple rings.

Chance also performed Zanies and Fools for the crowd. Check out both below. Do you think Chance did a good job? Let is know in the comments!