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Trick Daddy Files For Bankruptcy

Trick Daddy is having problems with his Dollas.

The Miami native reportedly filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Oh, and the part we're all shocked at? He's claiming to have $0 in his checking account.

The Blast is listing Trick's debts as the following:

·He lists his assets as his home in Miramar, Florida worth $350,000, $1,500 in household goods, and $150 in clothes.

·Trick Daddy has $0 in his checking account and stock in his Trick & Rick Music Publishing company worth $5,000.

·His debts include $435,682 owed to Fannie Mae related to his Florida home, $12,000 to his home owners association, $57,119 in back child support and $290,000 to the IRS.

·Trick Daddy also lists an unknown amount in credit card debt. His total debt owed to creditors comes to $807,176.86.

Is this all true? We have yet to find out, but on a positive note, Trick will be co-hosting alongside Trina on a new morning show in Miami AND he has a booming soul food restaurant called Sunday’s Eatery. Hopefully that will help replenish his income.

Tell us what you think about Trick’s shmoney troubles in our comments section.

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