YK Osiris Reveals He Was Once Arrested

YK Osiris can't help but tell the world that he's the R&B prince who can't wait to be king.

Osiris who dropped his debut album The Golden Child is truly Def Jam's golden child.

In a sit down with Rolling Stone he revealed that had a criminal record as a teenager which included armed robbery.

"When I was 14, 13 years old. . . I was hardheaded, going to jail, back and forth, man, stealing, robbing," the Jacksonville, Fla. artist confessed. "I was trying to be cool. I be trying to fit in. I was trying to survive at the same time. I was trying to get what I want to get in life. If I can’t get it that way, I’m gonna get it this way. That’s how I felt about it, and if you didn’t give it to me I’m going to get it."

Once caught for his crimes he admitted, "When the judge told me I’m going to get indicted if I come back. That [was the] last time, I remember that day," he recalled. "She said, 'If you come back, I’m going to indict you’,” he added before confirming the “armed robbery” arrest.

Ironically enough, the Florida native said the same judge who threatened him now knows of his musical success. "She definitely know me right now," he added. "I saw her in Jacksonville. She said, 'You’re doing very good.' Her daughter knows my song...Yeah, everything. She know me now. She very proud of me. The judge had told me, 'If you come back one more time, I’m going to give you 20 years, 15 years.' I said 'Oh, no, I’m not coming back’."

Read his entire interview with Rolling Stone HERE and check out The Golden Child below.