Justin Timberlake Is Working Closely With Some Of Our Favorites

Justin Timberlake is a soulful artist that we haven't heard from in a minute.

The internet went in a frenzy a few months ago when JT posted a video with Lizzo in the studio.

Entertainment Tonight caught up with Justin and asked him about more upcoming music.

Justin stated, "I’ve been songwriting and producing for so long, I want to experience that energy and I want to work with people that I think are truly amazing," he continued, before adding that he also worked with SZA and Meek Mill. "I’m having these experiences that are fueling me in such a different way and, again, I think it was really birthed out of feeling like, ‘What can I do right now to just be a part of my community and integrate?’"

Check out his comments below, do you hope to hear these collaborations on his new album? Let us know in the comments section.