Da Baby On The Tonight Show

After dropping Kirk just months behind Baby On Baby, Da Baby celebrated by making another appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Baby performed mini versions of Intro, Really, and Bop but did bring Stunna 4 Vegas out, but NBC is receiving a slight amount of backlash by giving Da Baby less than a full hour of performance time.

The last time he hit The Tonight Show stage was with Megan Thee Stallion to perform Cash Sh*t.

Da Baby is really the talk of the town right now, but doesn’t feel he’s hit his prime.

"I ain't even nowhere near my prime right now," DaBaby stated during a recent Beats 1 interview. "I had to scale back a little bit, I felt like, in order for everyone to catch on. Like the type of music [I made before] was better than [music] I put out today. I really mean that. If you know me, you know."

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