One Of Jim Jones' Homes Foreclosed

Jim Jones lost one of his homes!

XXL: reports: The Fair Lawn, N.J. home has been an issue for the Harlem rapper for a while. He took out a $680,000 mortgage for the home in 2006 and agreed to make monthly payments of $4,467, with a 6.875 percent interest rate. However, Jones stopped making payments on the house in 2010. In 2017, the U.S. National Bank Association sued Capo, which led to him having to make an agreement with the bank to settle the debt last year, according to documents obtained by Bossip.

The home which was sold back to the bank in a Sheriff Sale went for $100.

Though the five-bedroom, three-bathroom home is now valued at $742,000, Jones is reportedly still on the hook for $1,240,017. That total includes interest, real estate taxes, advances and homeowners insurance, according to documents obtained by the site.

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