Blac Youngsta Arrested

Blac Youngsta is currently behind bars in Houston.

The Memphis rapper was riding around the Texas town when his driver ran a red light in their GMC Yukon.

TMZ reveals that the rapper was brought into custody on Wednesday afternoon (Sept. 25) after the GMC Yukon he was riding in was pulled over for running a red light. According to the report, which was published on Thursday afternoon, officers smelled marijuana upon approaching the vehicle so they searched the car and not only found the weed but three pistols as well.

Both Youngsta and his security guard, Marcus Dion Cartwright, were taken into custody. Youngsta was charged with felony possession of armor-piercing ammunition, though it's unclear whether the ammo was loaded in the gun or on its own. Cartwright was charged with unlawfully carrying a weapon. There were other two passengers in the vehicle as well, but they were not charged

Positive vibes for Youngsta on an early release!