Popeyes Asking People to "BYOB"

We're really still talking about this dang chicken sandwich.

Popeyes is currently sold out of their chicken sandwich causing uproar from the poultry eating community. So much uproar that a man in Tennessee filed a lawsuit, and multiple fighting videos have gone viral from the fast food chain.

In an attempt to keep the peace, Popeyes came up with a grand idea.

The chain has launched their new BYOB campaign. To the rest of us that would mean "bring your own bottle" to Popeyes its-- Bring Your Own Bun. And no, they're not joking. The BYOB option is their three chicken tenders combo but you have to bring your own bun, mayo, and pickles. Oh, and you have to assemble it yourself. 

So if you want it that bad, go head and get it. LOL

Do you think Popeyes is wild for this idea? Let us know in the comments.