Big Sean Gifts $100,000 Recording Studio

Big Sean put on for his city in the sweetest way.

Sean held a block party during his 2nd annual DON Weekend on Detroit's Westside.

Not only was Sean giving out free hair braiding, hair cuts, rides and food. Sean also provided self healing classes, coding, music/engineering lighting programs, yoga, and more.

What surprised the city was Big Sean's unveiling of a new recording studio.

The Detroit Free Press reports that Sean's $100,000 facility at the Dick & Sandy Dauch Boys & Girls Club had them donning headphones, manning audio workstations, tinkering with DJ controllers, and running the lighting gear on a small performance stage. Funded by his Sean Anderson Foundation, the remodeled space follows a fully equipped recording studio he opened at his alma mater Cass Tech in 2015.

“The west side of Detroit is my old neighborhood," he said Saturday, an afternoon full of selfies and hugs with young fans as he unveiled the facility. "It’s a full-circle moment when your neighborhood supports you and holds you high, and you’re in a position to be able to hold it up in your own way and take it further.”

Check out some of the photos from the weekend below, and send kudos to Sean in out comments section!