T-Pain Airs Out Some Personal Info On The Breakfast Club

The talk of the town has definitely been, T-Pain's most recent interview with The Breakfast Club.

Our morning show trio sat down with Teddy Penderazdoun to discuss a few normal topics such as upcoming music and winning The Masked Singer.

A topic people didn't see coming was T-Pain's personal sex life. Him and his wife live a very adventurous marriage and partake in threesomes with other women. Another topic unexpected was T-Pain's honesty about money and how he was once broke. Pain admits to being so broke once he had to borrow money to take his kids to Burger King.

After a set of failed real estate investments and lavish Bugatti purchases, T-Pain needed to get his head back in the game. He revealed that at one point in his career, he had a total of $40 million in his bank account. Thinking that he would be responsible with the money, he ended up spending crazy amounts on everything without keeping track of his finances.

T-Pain is now back in good graces with the money team, but check out the entire sit down below.

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