Kylie Jenner x Travis Scott Getting Married Sooner Than We Think?

Kylie's 22nd birthday is in just a few days, and boyfriend Travis Scott decided to start the celebrations a little early.

In a post below you can see Travis took it upon himself to fill Kylie's mansion with roses and rose petals that little Stormi played in, with a note that said "we're just getting started."

Then yesterday paparazzi caught up with the young couple as they were boarding a private jet with Kylie's Mom Kris Jenner, her boyfriend Corey Gamble and a few friends headed towards the coast of Italy.

Something that caught everyone's eye was the luggage brought on board. Paps took a photo that looks like a wedding dress was brought on board.

TMZ reports that Kylie's birthday is being celebrated on a $250 mega yacht, and that it might not actually be a wedding dress since Kylie is a very private person and would never leave something like that in the open to be seen.

Check out the photo below does that like a wedding dress to you? Let us know in the comments.