Busta Rhymes Flips Out On A Fellow Passenger Before A Flight

Busta Rhymes is back in the media and for the same reason as the last time. Busta who is known to have a short temper flipped out on a fellow passenger right before take off on flight headed to London!

Supposedly, Busta became irate when a fellow passenger placed their bag in his overhead space bin which was located in first class. The woman who claims to have meant no harm initially argued back with Busta. Shortly after the argument began the woman's husband got involved.

People reports: “He was towering over my wife’s seat and she was terrified,” the unnamed passenger's husband alleged, adding that when he reportedly told Rhymes to leave his wife alone, the rapper allegedly replied, “Then let’s go, homeboy.”

Another forum member who said they were on the flight claimed that they had seen “a woman start to cry,” adding that “the situation escalated very quickly.”

Flight attendants offered both parties to remove themselves from the flight and to catch a later one, but both declined. The bag was moved, but when the flight landed in London, Busta was met with the airport police. Nobody was arrested.

Check out the argument below. Do you think Busta overreacted? Let us know in the comments.