Lil Pump Supports Lebron James' Courtside Behavior

We love when we see men step up to the plate and act like fathers.

LeBron James came from a home where his father was non-existent and he's making sure he's the best father he can to all of his kids.

The weekend he supported his son Bronny at his final tournament with the team that he had played with since fourth grade.

With a minute to go, he essentially sealed the championship with a one-handed dunk to put his team the Blue Chips up 20. Just look at LeBron’s reaction! Super excited LeBron jumped up and even lost a shoe doing so.

Some are saying that LeBron needs to relax, but how can they get mad at LeBron for being a proud father? Lil Pump caught up with TMZ and he gave them his opinion. Check out both videos below.

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