Meek Mill's Dream Chasers Will Soon Be A Label

Meek Mill is having one of the hardest come backs post release from jail.

Roc Nation is set to launch a full-on Dream Chasers label, furthering the vision for the brand that's served as a Meek-operated imprint for mixtapes since 2012.

Holding the title of president of Dream Chasers, a joint venture with Roc Nation, Meek will oversee the label and build a staff to sign and develop artists. The label will also handle its own operations, creative strategy, marketing and business affairs. Meek is also planning to open a recording studio for use by the label’s artists.

Jay-Z said in a statement: “When Meek and I connected, we connected on a level beyond him being a great rapper,” he said. “Just who he is, his honesty, his sense of responsibility. He just came out of a situation and pulled people together. He turned a negative thing into something positive."

Jay went on to say: “I know he can make music — you’ve heard it. I think he cannot only make music, but make stars. Not only make stars but make films. What we lacked for so long was opportunity. We didn’t own our businesses. We’ve never been in this position before, never had this sort of power. Hip-hop is 40-something years old so we’ve just now gotten to the point where we can really affect change. The music and culture we created — we’ve given it away for so long. It’s understandable. You have to clean the floors before you own the building.”

Clearly Jay is just as excited about this new partnership as much as we are.

Check out Meek's announcement below and send him some congratulations in out comments!