Nicki Minaj Wants To Be In The Next Batman Movie

Nicki Minaj wants to act once again.

Director Matt Reeves officially called on Robert Pattinson to play Batman, yet there's another roll that still needs to be filled.

Per Lad Bible: latest rumours suggest that Catwoman will be one of six or seven villains that would face Bruce in the next instalment of the Batfranchise. There hasn't been a lack of high-profile names thrown into the ring with Kristen Stewart, Vanessa Hudgens and Aubrey Plaza named so far, mainly by fans. Despite the intense speculation, Warner Bros. are keeping tight lipped about who will play the role of Selina Kyle.

Nicki Minaj has been in other movies such as Ice Age and Barbershop. Her fans took to social to suggest that she would be great for the role and she was quick to reply with: "I'm ready. Ha!"

Check it out below!

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