Busta Rhymes Throws A Punch And Misses

Busta Rhymes is not one to back down from a fight!

TMZ's obtained video that picks up in the middle of the heated confrontation that went down in NYC. You can see the rapper arguing with a couple of men wearing construction crew reflective vests. Busta's being held back by friends and several NYPD cops. 

No one is sure of what started the confrontation, but Busta wasn't backing down.

Busta gets right up in the man's face. Things quickly escalated when one of the guys appears to drop the f-word on Busta. You can see in the video ... Busta appears to retaliate by throwing a punch but misses. Cops step in between the man and Busta and that's where the video ends.

YIKES! Check out the video below and BEWARE OF FOUL LANGUAGE!