J.Cole Confirms He & His Wife Are Expecting Baby #2

J.Cole revealed a lot of his private life with his verse on 'Scarifices.'

The song featured on Dreamville's Revenger of The Dreamers III dropped today, and the hip hop community was quick to dissect each track.

Cole spoke on his college sweetheart turned wife saying: "I had nowhere to go, she gave me a place to stay, she gave me her heart to hold, I still got that shit to this day." "She ridin' with me on the road, she ridin' with me in the A, huggin' the block, huggin' the block, okay." He continued with: "She gave me the gift of my son, and plus we got one on the way, she gave me a family to love, for that, I can never repay, I'm crying while writing these words, the tears, they feel good on my face."

Fans are both surprised and excited to get a glimpse into the personal life of J.Cole.

Listen to the song below and send some congratulations to Cole and his wife in our comments!