Kevin Hart Will Not Be Attending Kanye's Sunday Service

Artists like Teyana Taylor, DMX and Chance The Rapper have all gone to Kanye West's Sunday Service.

One person who openly said they wouldn't be attending is comedian / actor Kevin Hart.

In a recent interview Hart was asked if he and his family would one day make their way to to the West's on a Sunday morning. His response was: "It's not really my cup of tea." He continued with "I don't really, uh, I don't plan on going. I think it's dope that he's found something new and exciting to do. He's a creative guy and this is where his creative juices have taken him, so I wish him nothing but success in doing it."

In the past Hart has be vocal on not agreeing with Kanye's support of Donald Trump, so that might be playing a part as well. Check out the full audio below. Would you attend Sunday Service? Comment below letting us know why or why not.