Blueface drops "Stop Cappin" Visuals

As much as we loved Thotiana, it was time for Blueface to drop another single.

He did just that and gave us some visuals as well.

Stop Cappin', the latest from the West coast rapper was shot throughout the streets of Los Angeles, Blueface acts as a janitor as he cleans up the mess from the haters he had to get rid of for thinking he was all cap.

You can see him with the infamous mop which he always brings out during his live performances.

With a hook that states "Stop cappin! I'm really poppin/How can I slip if I'm the one doing the moppin?"

Then he follows up with "No forensics, no witness, no ballistics/No attachment but this Glock got extensions!"

Check out the full video below, and let us know what you think in the comments.