Wendy Williams Files for Divorce

After 20+ years of marriage Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter are FINALLY calling it quits!

Wendy has had a month from hell. First she was ill, then she admitted she was living in a sober house, and to top it off her husband's mistress reportedly gave birth.

Rumors have it that Wendy's filed with “irreconcilable differences” as the reason, but the baby might have been her breaking point.

Page Six reports that Williams, who resides in Livingston, NJ, is seeking to establish an “appropriate amount of child support” as well as “other further relief as the Court deems fair and equitable.”

The two are very intertwined when it pertains to business matters, so we can only imagine that the divorce might get messy.

We hope Wendy finds peace when everything is said and done. Do you think she should have ended it with Kevin earlier? Comment below and let us know.