Ray J Offers Hefty Reward for Stolen Dog

Early last week the Norwoods reported their missing dog "Boogotti."

Both Ray J and Princess Love hit their Instagrams letting everyone in the Woodland Hills area of California know that their precious fur baby has vanished.

A week later and it turns out that their dog was actually stolen!

Ray told TMZ: “My dog went from being lost, to being stolen to kidnapped — or whatever you call it. [Boogotti] was taken in a Dodge Charger it was like a young white kid around 19 or 20. If that kid is listening please be a hero and bring my dog back. If anybody knows about pets, it’s just like having a kid. It’s a part of the family and we’re just really worried about him… he’s out in the streets by himself. Whatever it is, just please bring the dog back and we will give you whatever you need.”

Ray J has now placed a $20,000 reward for the pooch.

Do you love your dog enough to give that much of a reward? Comment below!