O2 Arena In London Temporarily Changes Their Name for Drake

London will always have a special place in Drake's heart.

This time London is showing Drizzy some love.

Drake's The Assassination Vacation is stopped in London for 7 days so the venue decided to change the name to the "O3 Arena."

If this sounds familiar it's because its a lyric from Drake's single ‘God’s Plan.'

Drake raps: “And you know me / Turn The O2 into The O3.”

If you ask a person who deciphers lyrics, some have said in the past that the first part: "Turn the O2 into the O3" has multiple possible interpretations. But one that sticks was that Drake performed at the O2 in 2017, and offered to refund all ticket sales after his fellow performer, Travis Scott, fell off the stage. Thus, Drake turned the O2 into the O-free (O-3).

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