Wendy Williams' Husband Is Allegedly Cheating...Again!

(Via DailyMail.com)

Earlier this week, syndicated television host, Wendy Williams announced that she has been staying at a sober-living house for the last couple of months. The world was truly shocked with her confession.

Two days later, tabloids and news sites are reporting another shocker, her husband, Kevin is still cheating on her! Many thought, Kevin, who had infidelity issues in the past would let his mistress go while Wendy is in a dark place. But men will be men (major eye-roll).

To make matters worse, when Wendy spent time at a rehab facility in Florida last month, he allegedly flew and housed his mistress when he came to visit.

What do you think Wendy should do? Do you think her alcohol issues may have something to do with her husband?