Daniel Caesar Asks Why Black People Are 'Mean' To Yes Julz & White People

We're not sure if you've been following this whole Yes Julz drama cycle that's been going on.

But last week, it flared up once again and this time it was between Scottie Beam and Yes Julz. It all happened after Julz appeared on an "Easily Influenced" podcast episode and was asked about who has been attacking her credibility.

Julz then shared that Scottie Beam and Karen Civil had verbally attacked her and threatened her.

When the episode released it was shared on Twitter and got to Scottie and Karen who had a lot to see say about the social media influencer, radio station owner, and brand ambassador. While Karen Civil didn't spend too much time on the issue, Scottie Beam dragged Julz to another planet on Twitter and then on her SOTC show.

Fast forward to last night, new r&b singer, Daniel Caesar decided to chime in on the issue. Which made me think, I'm not sure he knows the backstory to Yes Julz and why black women are rightfully angry. Julz has a history of using the n-word and saying foul things about black women. However, Caesar seems to think that we should be nice to Julz and white people - and if we say anything wrong about them, they should be able to clapback.

By the looks of it, Caesar and Julz are headed to planet cancelled together!Click on the picture below to check out everything Daniel had to say.