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Joe Budden Calls Out The Game For Diss Track Mention


In a recent episode of 'The Joe Budden Podcast' Joe Budden lashed out on The Game with anger.

The two had beef back in 2005, but The Game recently started picking at an old scar.

On Game's forthcoming album, Born to Rap, Game name drops Joe's Fiancé and mother of his child - Cyn Santana.

The Game is known for kissing and telling in the past and on the same song he name drops Kim Kardashian as well.

Joe's biggest issue is he's attacking him out of the blue and not even saying his name.

"“The more I sat and thought about this, the more I said to myself, ‘Ni**a, so what?'” he said. “What type of loser, face-as ni**a is you, ni**a? I don’t give two fu*ks about what anyone did before I was involved with them. To me, that’s more loser sh*t" said Joe.

In the video above you can find more on Joe's response, but since then The Game brushed him off and claims that the reason he's a radio-personality is thanks to him. YIKES!

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