Suge Knight Wants Cardi B On Unreleased Tupac Music

Sure Knight might be locked up for the next 28 years, but that's not stopping him from plotting out plans for some of Tupac's unreleased tracks.

Knight's son took to social media in 2018 claiming that Tupac Shakur is still alive living in Malaysia, and is currently making music for a Death Row Records reboot.

Whether that's true or not we may never know, but Suge recently spoke to the Daily Mail letting them know that he wasn't aware of his son's post, but does have unreleased Tupac music.

He also let them know that the album would only release music with features from artists that Pac would have wanted to work with like Beyonce of even Cardi B. Suge called Cardi "Tupac in a skirt." That's a pretty nice comparison.

Do you think Cardi would kill it on a Pac album?