Jacquees Haters Sign Petition To Ban His Covers

Jacquees received a lot of ridicule after making his own rendition of Ella Mai's "Trippin'. It was so good in fact that the songtress had her team issue a cease and desist order. Continuing, Jacquees has also mentioned that he is the new "King of R&B,"  after which social media went crazy calling out his cockiness. 

Well now there are a few R&B lovers who have made moves to prevent Jacquees from making anymore covers. A petition has been launched in efforts to halt this activity.

"Ban Jacquees from doing any music covers" was addressed to "the People" and launched by an individual named Ricky Fields via Change.Org. The statement is brief: "As a Black Community, we have to figure out how we getting rid of Jacquees."

he call to action might have been spawned out of humor rather than true outrage, but the response has been substantial. After being active for 5 days, the petition has garnered over 24 000 signatures of its goal of 25 000. Many of those who signed have specified the reasons for their upset.

"He must be stopped! He disrespected Keith Sweat, then I just heard his Dirty Diana cover. The boy has gone mad! Plus he dresses like a toddler." -Kashona Thompson from Akron, OH.

"This fool had the NERVE to cover the Legendary Michael Jackson! He MUST be Stopped immediately." -Brandi Johnson from Carson, CA.

"He did the NE “If it Isn’t Love” choreography in his video for “Candy Rain”....everybody know you sposed to do the Candy Rain dance. This nigga tripping!"-Trini Young from Orange, NJ.