Travis Scott Wants To Make a Play For Next Album

Travis Scott's current album, "ASTROWORLD" has been doing pretty well. Not only has it shot up to the top of the charts, but the tour is sold out in several cities. 

In a recent interview on Ellen, the rapper spoke about what he would like to incorporate in his next album. 

Via Complex:

Near the end of his appearance, he started speaking about his acting past as he was a member of the Thespian society in school, singing in plays. He told the host about his possible plans to incorporate a Broadway theme in his next album, saying, "I love Broadway. It's super dope. I was thinking my next album should be like, I do a play for a whole week, design a play around my whole album." Ellen offered to help him with it and, to be honest, this sounds like it has the potential to be the next great work from Trav.